Do you have a brand or business?


I touched on this topic last week on my Instagram but realized I had more to say than I could fit into one post. So I am back to talk a little bit more on the topic: “Do you have a brand or do you have a business?”. So here we go!

Business - we are all familiar with what a business is. We use them everyday for so many things in our everyday life. Some we are happy with, some we don’t even think about and some we definitely remember because of the awful experience we had at that business!

What about those businesses that you LOVE? The kind that you call your best friend immediately after purchasing because they have to go buy their product or use their service. The kind of business that pulls you into their tribe. You have become part of their marketing department and aren’t even getting paid- you love them that much! That, my friend is where a business is no longer a business-it’s a brand.

You buy from businesses because you have to. You buy from brands because you want to. It’s that feeling you get from the product or service they sell because it’s that good or it’s how they sell it. That warm and fuzzy feeling that keeps you coming back for more. You know the level of service you will get from them. The first brand that pops into my head… Chick-Fil-A. Am I right?? Fast food is fast food-we all know it’s not the best option. But Chick-Fil-A? You feel awesome walking out of there with your spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries because they are the leader in giving you that experience when you buy from them! Warm and fuzzy!

So now that we have distinguished between a brand and business, which one do you have? How do your clients/customers feel after they have purchased form you? Do they have an experience or do they just buy because they have to?

Creating an experience creates a tribe. All of a sudden you have tens, hundreds, thousands of people on your marketing team that you don’t even have to pay! They love your brand because of how you make them feel.

So what’s next?? Write down thing you could start doing different today that will make your clients/customers feel all warm and fuzzy after they purchase from you. Create YOUR experience, create your tribe! Are you a brand or a business? It’s up to you!