Four truths behind owning your own business


1)    It’s hard work.

Owning a business is hard work, plain and simple. Blood will no longer run through your veins, it will be 100% coffee. Being a business owner means you working on your business every single day. Yup, every single day. Some days it’s easy, some days it will be hard and you will go to bed exhausted wondering where the day went. On those exhausting days you have to remember the end game and what you will reap from all of your hard work. Remember the empire you are building because each day brings you closer to that goal!

 2)    At times, you will want to throw it all in the air and walk away.

I know you’ve seen the meme of the person throwing their papers in the air and they’re over it. Well truth be told, you’ll be this person at some point. Everyone comes to this place differently. Whether you’re working a full time job, trying to grow your business and you’re just overwhelmed wondering if it’s all worth it. Or you are having a hard time getting new clients or selling your product. Whatever your situation is you have to know that business is hard and business is frustrating, but that is why you always return to your WHY. WHY you started and WHY you do what you do!

 3)    You will doubt yourself.

Oh my gosh if this isn’t true! Honestly I think it’s human nature to doubt yourself, because believe me I have been here multiple times since starting Bek Designs. It’s easy to get in your head and wonder if your product/service is good enough to sell. If you’re serving your clients/customers well enough. If your business will grow. If you fail. I couldn’t begin to tell you all the doubts I had starting out but the important thing is to stay positive. Keep a circle of encouraging friends, do your best every day and always invest in yourself so you can grow as a business owner and leader!

 You’re probably thinking, holy crap this makes me want to never own my own business! Let me tell you, number #4 is the biggest truth of them all, so stay with me.

 4)    It is ALL worth it.

Yes, owning a business it hard work. Yes, at times you will want to walk away and give up. Yes, you will doubt yourself. The most important thing to understand is that through all that, it is ALL worth it. Knowing that you OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS is such a powerful feeling. If you’re like me, you want to make a difference in the world with the services/products that you provide. Guess what? You are doing it boss babe! You have taken the leap that so many people are scared to do and you’re killing it.

 It is so important to love yourself and love the brand that you have created. Invest in yourself and your business daily, work hard, believe in why you do what you do with your whole heart and you will not fail. We live in a world where the sky is the limit with what we can accomplish, no matter how old we are or where we came from. We just have to be willing to put in the work, remember why we started when times get hard and believe in ourselves. I’m looking to change the world, are you coming with me?